The Real Advent Calendar continues to delight children in the build up to Christmas

The Real Advent Calendar from the Meaningful Chocolate Company is a huge hit with families at this time of the year. Children can’t wait for 1 December when they can have their first chocolate out of 25! This makes an ideal gift to give to any child, especially those who don’t know the Lord, as it comes with a free leaflet entitled ‘The Christmas Story’, which will help children discover more about Christmas. Plus it has 25 luxury milk chocolates made from FairTrade Cocoa, with a line of the Christmas story behind each window.

You may have seen the amazing Real Chocolate Easter Eggs in the supermarkets over the years. This is another widespread outreach from the Meaningful Chocolate company to share the Gospel far and wide using chocolate as the vehicle. This is highly commendable and something all believers should get behind.

According to the Meaningful Chocolate Company website “The Real Advent calendar was created in 2013 following surveys which showed that 36% of 5-7 year olds did not know whose birthday is celebrated at Christmas.

“In the same year 51% of adults said that the birth of Jesus was irrelevant to their Christmas. This is why the Real Advent Calendar comes with a copy of the Christmas story and supports charitable causes.”

These statistics are a huge cause of concern in a supposedly ‘Christian nation’. So let’s take action collectively and order a Real Advent Calendar quickly as they seem to quickly sell out. If you can’t get them from the company website, try your local Christian bookshop who may still have stock. The Real Chocolate company also offers personalised bars and other chocolate gifts, so be sure to get in touch and support this Kingdom endeavour.

“Over the past 18 months many of us have experienced loss, change, and worry: some have lost loved ones or their job, some saw churches and schools closed, some were separated from friends and family,” the Real Chocolate Company observes. “Now as Christmas draws near, there is apprehension but a determination to come together as best we can. At this time it is more important than ever to share the message of hope, faith and love found in the key festival of Christmas.”

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