Keys to surviving the holidays, especially if you’re grieving

Surviving the year end holidays may be an even greater challenge in 2020 as the world continues to withstand the Coronavirus pandemic. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be especially difficult this year for all who have lost loved ones.

Janet Johnson is an American author who has experienced grief first-hand. She has written a book entitled Surviving the Holidays While Grieving. which offers a glimpse into how she has been able to overcome grief, pain, and loss.

As a person with strong faith, Janet believed that when difficulties came, she could face them head on, deal with them, and move on with life. That was until she lost a brother to murder, a son to a car accident, and a brother-in-law to suicide.

Other events triggered more grief, like moving away from friends and family, severe illnesses, a traumatic brain injury, family members with disabilities, and the loss of hopes and dreams. 

Janet was unprepared for the swell of emotions that surfaced at unexpected times, especially during the holidays, and often controlled her. She wondered, Will I ever find joy again?

Surviving The Holidays While Grieving

Surviving the Holidays While Grieving is written with compassion and tenderness as Janetshares how it is possible to find joy and make new memories, and how, even in the darkest days, hope and peace can emerge.

“Refreshingly honest, authentic, and engaging, with practical activities to remember the lost loved one, Janet hopes Surviving the Holidays While Grieving will guide readers toward healing and greater peace. It’s a must-have toolkit for anyone dealing with grief who wants to take steps forward with joy and recognize God’s faithful presence in and through the journey.”

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About Janet Johnson

Janet Johnson is a pastor, spiritual formation mentor, author, writer, and speaker whose passion is to draw others closer to God in life’s situations. She holds a BA, MSW, and MDiv, is an associate member of the Order of St. Luke healing ministry, and has completed the Academy of Spiritual Formation and the Pastors of Excellence Program. She frequently teaches on grief and joy and also writes regularly for a Christian magazine. She and her husband, Richard, live in North Carolina and have four grown children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

For more information about Janet visit her Joy on the Journey website.

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