You’re the most unique miracle on planet earth

How would you feel about receiving a personal letter from God telling you that you are a miracle? Imagine reading how unique you are in your Heavenly Father’s eyes…

How would you react? Could you receive this encouragement and make it part of you? How would you respond to a letter from God. Such communication would be a miracle in itself, and yet this is exactly what the Bible is, it’s God love letter to us.

However, a common problem we all face in life is that we often treat words of encouragement like a band-aid, applying them only to the surface level. Yet, when it comes to His Word, God wants us to use what He says to affect positive change in our lives and weave it into our very being.

What evidence would there be in your behaviour after reading a letter from God? Would there be sufficient to indicate that you have internalised the information He has provided? Would it be clear you are living according to his higher way of thinking?

Scripture is very clear on the importance of internalising the Word. It’s essential for us to get it into our hearts and minds. The following practical exercise is designed to help you integrate what God says about you and your into His deeper level of thinking.

Take some time out for quiet solitude and read through these statements below. Write down your response in terms of what you actually believe. Outline any hindrances to these beliefs becoming a liveable behaviour. Consider the behavioural evidence of these things in your life as you reflect on the reality of living out the beliefs.

This exercise should also help you align your thinking and show up gaps in your relationship with God.

You are a miracle of God

Statement to considerWhat I believeWhat hinders or helps my beliefBehavioural evidence in my life
Thank You Father that I am your miracle. I count my blessings with gratitude while being patient with my personal progress and growth in Christ   
I not let anxiety and fear rule my life; I live life freely and fully in a responsible and loving way in the power of Christ   
Father God I know you trust me, have faith in me and see me with abilities and power to think, love, laugh, imagine, create, plan, pray and connect with You on a daily basis    
Father, You have given me the power of choice and  I have the capacity to choose the quality of life I will live   
Lord You have given me the ability to see my past as history! You desire me to learn from my past rather than be controlled by it.   
Father God You desire me to live in the moment every single day in such a way that my time, talent, influence, money, energy and passion are all interrelated and connected to help me to be a blessing to others.   
Father You desire that everything I do and all I become in life will be to the glory and honour of Your name. You want me to live a balanced life of wellness without burning out. (This does not exclude the pain of disappointment)   

Once you have completed this exercise, set time aside each day over the next week, call it your SELAH time. Invite the Lord into the sacred space and ask Him to teach you to see, to feel, and to understand your life from His perspective. Understand for yourself that in His eyes, you are the most unique miracle on planet earth.

The next step is to create an action plan around any gaps that are revealed; this will mean taking each one in turn (over a period of 21 days) and to focus intentionally and pro-actively on living in the fourth column (new evidence in my life). This will mean you are able to say, just like Jesus, “Father, I have glorified You on this earth in my lifetime by finishing the work You gave me to do.” (John 17:4)

It’s time to see how much of a miracle you really are in God’s eyes by developing your God-given self esteem. Embrace what His Word says about you and live it out boldly.

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Dr Bill Price is an international speaker, author and executive coach. Dr Price is based in South Africa where he is well known as a leading Neuroscience practitioner and strategic sage who guides individuals, businesspeople and corporate leaders to achieve their full potential. He also helps empowers people in their personal lives around the themes, of leadership, getting the most out of life and relationships.

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