Expand your vision and know your position in Christ

As a believer you need to know your position. This means recognising where God has placed you and also the authority He has given you. There are many great Christian leaders that knew their calling. Some of these have been described as God’s Generals. They are a perfect example of leaders who knew their position in Christ. In this post we will explore a story from Kathryn Kuhlman. I hope this will help you to know your position better and expand your vision.

Do you know your position?

When you consider the the term “Army General” what picture comes to mind?

Close your eyes for me and picture this word 

“A General”

  • what’s he or she wearing (describe uniform) 
  • How’s he or she standing 
  • What’s his or her job 

What comes to mind ?

Perhaps you have heard of God’s Generals? The series of books by Roberts Liardon that describes and honours the lives of people who understood their authority in God. These include influential Christian leaders like:

Kathryn Kuhlman story 

Kathryn was holding a crusade with crowds of people, before she went out onto stage she said “Holy Spirit if you are not with me I can’t do this” While she was on stage the Holy Spirit told her that there was somebody in the wheelchair section with cancer

She asked who in the wheelchair section had it, but nobody said anything this little young girl with her mum said “Mum is it me.” The mother never told her daughter she had cancer. Kathryn said to the young girl, “Stand up young one you’re healed!” The young girl stood up and walked out of the wheelchair 

I tell you this one story to help you understand and recognise your position and authority in God 

All of these people, not just Kathryn understood the power in the Word of God and the power in the words you say. 

This is why she was called a God’s General 

  • It’s not because she was a Kuhlman
  • It’s not because she was better than us
  • It’s because she recognised and understood two things 
  1. She recognised how valuable her connection with God was 
  2. She understood the authority God gave her

Now, saying that God gave her authority, it’s true! 

You might think God gave her authority but I don’t have that authority

Here is a question: Do you know your position?

Here’s authority for you! 

Luke 9:1 message

“Jesus now called the Twelve and gave them authority and power to deal with all the demons and cure diseases.”

It’s not just these people that can be God’s Generals these people were like you and I. We just have to step into the authority of God, you don’t have to have a specific name and you don’t have to come from a perfect background 

You just have to do two things 

  1. Recognise the value of your relationship with God 
  2. Understand the authority God has given you 

The example I’ve just given you of Kathryn knowing that somebody was going to be healed is called a ‘Word of Knowledge.’

A Word of Knowledge is one of the gifts of the spirit, it’s a revelation gift where God reveals something about someone or something He’s going to do. 

The Bible says God reveals His secrets to His servants. Kathryn had a very close relationship with the Holy Spirit and He would reveal to her what He was going to do in the meetings. When you have a very close relationship with God He will reveal His heart to you. His love and compassion for people are always behind His miracles and when you walk closely with God His love and compassion flows through you.

Miracles happen every day and God is looking for people for His miracles to flow through. Today He wants to ask every person no matter what they have been through, no matter who they are If they want to have that kind of life and authority flowing through them too. It doesn’t come cheap, there’s a cost and that cost is that God has all of your heart. Not just attending a church service but having a deep and meaningful relationship with Him that will change your life and the lives of the people that God touches through your life. 

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Elijah Price is a youth leader at Life Church Bradford (Rocknations). He's graduated from having done three years in a Media film course and is now a content creator for Countdown Creative

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