Pentecost 2022 in a Year of Jubilee

It’s amazing how in this Year of Jubilee to celebrate the Queen’s 70th Anniversary on the throne, Pentecost Sunday falls on the last day of the four-day weekend to mark the occasion.

Of course this isn’t just coincidental. It’s almost as if God planned this in His precision timing to be a season of celebration for our nation. Yes as believers, we remember God’s faithfulness to us as reflected in the loyalty of our Sovereign. See The significance of the Platinum Jubilee for Christians.

However, it is also very much a time of looking to God expectantly for fresh fire from Heaven, just as the Early Church did in the Upper Room nearly 2000 years ago. Pentecost is the Biblical Festival where the Holy Spirit was poured out as tongues of fire.

Despite these wonderful causes for celebration in 2022 we are living in very difficult times where some are ready to give up hope… If this is how you are feeling may you take comfort from this life-changing song by Robin Mark, the Days of Elijah.

It tells of a day “of great trials, of famine, darkness and sword.” Yet it offers hope for all those who are “declaring the Word of the Lord”. If you haven’t heard this worship gem, then I encourage you to watch the video below.

It’s such an encouragement, especially as the world faces the dangers surrounding War in Ukraine and the threat of famine as this global food provider is stretched to its limits. Despite all that is going on in the world that is negative, during this Year of Jubilee for the UK, we can boldly respond to this action call. “Lift your voice! It’s the year of Jubilee! And out of Zion’s hill salvation comes!”

Year of Jubilee

In the Bible, a Year of Jubilee occurs at the end of seven cycles of Sabbatical years. That is seven sevens adding up to 49 with the Year of Jubilee making up the 50th Year. The Year of Jubilee is significant from a scriptural perspective because it was a time when slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven, and the mercies of God would be clearly evident.

In the UK the Sovereign celebrates Silver (25th), Gold (50th), Diamond (60th) and this is the first Platinum jubilee celebrating 70 years. The Queen is a symbol of the nation, hence the national anthem is ‘God Save The Queen.’ This is also a call that God would come through for our nation.

This Pentecost Sunday, as we celebrate the United Kingdom, let us also look to the Kingdom of God and what He wants to accomplish through us, echoed in the life of Our Faithful Queen. Let us lift up our voices to God and trust Him to save us from all the trials we face and ultimately to deliver us into our eternal destiny. This Pentecost Season, fan into flames the gift God has given you!

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