Where’s Welby? Is the Archbishop MIA?

Where’s Welby is somewhat controversial new campaign by a group of concerned Christians who believe the Church of England is losing its way. Due to the fudging of important issues that affect many people in our nation, they are concerned that the leader of the Church of England, Justin Welby is missing in action?

A satirical take on ‘Where’s Wally’ (or Where’s Waldo as it is known elsewhere) the campaign draws attention to a perceived lack of Biblical leadership across the top echelons of the Anglican Church. Although the campaign bears the name of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, he is not the only leader of the Church of England that is being targeted.

Where’s Welby describes themselves as “a group of Christians fighting for words and action from the Archbishop of Canterbury and Church of England against the abortion genocide.” In the video below, Calvin Robinson, a deacon of the Free Church of England, speaks to Ben Weller, editor and campaign leader of Where’s Welby on GB News.

“Where’s Welby is a question,” Ben Weller explains in the interview. “And, it’s a question we want so many more people to be asking. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the head of the Church of England and has a moral duty over this nation, yet we have seen the Church give up on commenting on so many important issues. For example, the liberalisation of sexuality; free speech and most importantly to me, about the abortion genocide. We are asking where Archbishop Welby stands on these issues? Because he is not being clear.

“Where’s Welby is inspired by the children cartoon Where’s Wally and we have basically spoofed their double page spread to talk about all the issues of moral denigration in this country. The Archbishop is there but he is very small and he is hiding… and obviously he needs to be found.”

Despite the campaign, Ben still has hope for the Archbishop. As Calvin Robison says, “this is not about bringing the Church of England down, rather it is about calling the leadership to account.”

“I am a Christian and I believe in redemption,” Ben concludes. “He (Justin Welby) has a chance to change and he says he wants to stay in his role until 2026. If he does that and he changes, then a lot can happen. Otherwise I think he is going to be a man with a lot of regrets.”

Where’s Welby? – GB News interview

Visit Where’s Welby for more information.

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