Coronavirus – Wendy Alec Delivers a Timely Prophetic Word

Christian media visionary Wendy Alec recently shared a timely prophetic word concerning the coronavirus pandemic, encouraging Christians to step into a new season of believing God for His supernatural intervention.

Writing on her official Wendy Alec Facebook page just before Easter / Passover, Wendy shared her response to the coronavirus outbreak in the form of a prophetic word from God in keeping with John 5:4. According to Wendy, the fear of the Lord came upon her and arrested her and God spoke these prophetic directives from Heaven.

“For the Father says the John 5:4 season is upon you, for the prayers of My saints have been catalytic in the courts of Heaven,” she writes.

 For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well of whatever disease he had.” (John 5:4) 

“God says: ‘Anoint your doors… anoint your doors… for the John 5:4 season is upon you. For My great compassions have been stirred for the nations in this day and in this hour for I have wept. Oh, I have wept over the nations even as My Son wept over Jerusalem. I have wept, for, know this, that even in this dark hour upon the earth that My great mercies and compassions shall not fail you. I shall not fail you.

“The Lord says, ‘Yes, I am the God of Judgement, but I am also your Father. I am your Abba. I am your Father of great compassion. I am your Living God of great and tender mercies and know this, that the waters of the momentous and miraculous are stirred for you and your household.’

“Oh, beloved there is an unprecedented momentous mobilisation in the heavenlies,” Wendy writes. “It is not our spiritual norm. The Father said this is not what you know as your spiritual norm. He said, ‘Get out of your spiritual box child and expand your spiritual horizons for My angels are assigned to you in this season in a manner that is different to what you know as your norm.’

“This was not the intimate Father we know as our Abba. This was the mighty, mighty, the majestic the all-powerful, the omniscient omnipotent king on His throne. “Oh, I saw the Father’s sceptre raised and He continued: ‘For I have been moved by the prayers of My saints,’ He said. ‘I have been moved by the cries of My own and child I tell you that in this season and in this hour and in the face of the storm that My angels are mobilised. My angelic host are ready and waiting and assigned to your family child, assigned to your household. Beloved child I’m giving you a directive.

‘I’m giving you a directive from My throne for My angels are mobilised. Release your faith, release your faith beloved child. For I have given the command to My angelic host to stir the waters of protection around you the waters of healing, the waters of the momentous and miraculous are stirred for you and your household. Protection, protection, protection.’

Protection against Coronavirus

‘For I tell you that even as it was with the children of Egypt, so in My great compassion, My mighty hand of protection is outstretched to you in this hour. Anoint your doors, anoint your doors,’ the Father said. ‘Anoint your doors, even as My people did in Egypt.

‘Anoint your doors for even in this day and this hour as My people Israel celebrate Passover there is a great and miraculous stirring in the heavenlies. Anoint your doors, for the enemy has to pass over, the destroyer has to pass over. Release your faith in the mighty blood of My Son for there is power in His blood, there is power in His blood. There is exponential power in the precious, holy blood that My beloved Son shed for you on Calvary.

‘For I will honour your faith. I, the Lord your God will honour your faith and the destroyer will pass over. For I will protect you in the same manner that I protected my people in Egypt. Compassion, compassion, compassion.’

“Then the Father said, ‘Know this, that in the next few weeks even as in the natural the storm continues to rage across the nations, that even as the disciples cried out to Jesus in the storm, “Master, don’t you care that we are drowning, why are you sleeping?” That in the exact same manner as the storm seems to reach its peak, in a moment, yes even in a moment, you will see the storm cease and the waters stilled.

‘You will see My supernatural antidote for the nations for I have heard your cries. I have heard the cries of My saints for the enemy of your souls devised an evil plan, a pre-emptive strike but it is premature,’ says the Lord. ‘It is premature and I will confound the plan of the destroyer and the ranks of the enemy will suffer confusion and be confounded.

‘I tell you that in this day and in this hour, My Church is on the move, My Church is on the move and My Church shall arise with new purpose, new clarity, new focus, new power. For I am girding My Church with strength. I am girding My Church with the spirit of might.

‘I am teaching My Church to look outwards. Gone are the days of complacency and you shall boast of My great mercies and you shall boast of My tender compassions and you shall say of Me, “My God, You are mighty. You are the mighty, compassionate, ever-seeing, merciful God.” For, I am your mighty shield, I am your refuge and your great right hand,’ says the Lord.”

We are sure you have been encouraged by reading this prophecy. We stand in prayer for all who have been affected by coronavirus, for families who have lost loved ones and for those who have been infected. May the Holy Spirit bring comfort to the bereaved and healing to the sick. And, for those who have experienced loss, may they encounter God’s divine restoration.

Wendy Alec is the author of Journal of the Unknown Prophet and the Visions From Heaven series. In addition to being a leading prophetic voice she is also a creative evangelist using media to reach the unchurched through her best-selling Chronicles of Brothers series.

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