Sound of Freedom comes to the UK – together we can help end child sex slavery

Since the Sound of Freedom movie premiered in the USA in July it has made over $180 million at the box office, making it ‘this Summer’s surprise blockbuster’. (See Sound of Freedom movie opens to huge box office success). The film launched in cinemas across the UK on 1 September and Al Gibson went to see it. He shares thoughts about why every believer should make a point of watching this powerful exposé on human trafficking.

It’s not often that I go to the cinema, but every once in a while a movie comes along that you know that you just have to see. The Sound of Freedom is one of them. It is the much talked about film featuring the real life story of a federal agent who quit his job to devote his life to rescuing children from sexual slavery. One cannot think of a better cause, so you can imagine my surprise at the negativity this film has received in the US media, and now being echoed here in the UK.

The Guardian calls it a ‘dull film that has become a US box office sensation’. The Telegraph describes it as “crushingly dull child-abduction vigilante thriller.” While recognising the success of the movie both titles seem to discredit it and the question is why? Dull is certainly not my impression of the two-hour movie nor was it of a packed cinema in Exeter. Moreover people clapped after the screening which is a rather unusual occurrence.

With Halloween next month, the film was preceded by a trailer of the latest Exorcist film. Horror is not a genre I appreciate and I found the images of demon possession appalling. However what was to come in the Sound of Freedom was far more horrifying. Not in the sense of what you see on screen but as you are confronted by the dark realities of the paedophile underworld.

It is shocking to think that a beautiful young woman would use her charm to lure vulnerable young children into a life of enslavement. One wonders how she may have been abused in her childhood to so callously put others in chains. I can’t get my head around adults of all walks of life colluding in their sexual perversions seemingly without any shame. And of course, one’s heart goes out to the children who are ever at the forefront of this international scourge.

Be a part of creating the Sound of Freedom

The Sound of Freedom is anything but dull, it is a remarkable story of great escape that demands the highest level of bravery. Actor, Jim Caviezel plays real life campaigner, Tim Ballard brilliantly, capturing the underlying theme of the film. For me this is a message that no matter how widespread human trafficking has become, we can each make a difference.

We are faced with questions like, “What if it was your child that was missing… what if it was your child’s empty bed? Would we then be motivated to do something?” In answering these questions Tim Ballard is propelled to step out more courageously than perhaps he ever anticipated to do, switching his role from going after sexual perverts to rescuing abused children. This leads him a powerful understanding of his life purpose and his profound statement “God’s children are not for sale”.

Following the release of dozens of children in a cleverly orchestrated island raid, one hears their voices as they tentatively regain their ability to speak, to sing, to be children once again. Hence the title of the film, The Sound of Freedom.

Let us become a voice for the voiceless

Imagine if we could personally contribute in some way to be a voice for those who are enslaved. What would it look like if we could give vulnerable, innocent young people back their voice as they experience freedom from their chains. That is the essence of Christianity. Jesus came to set the captives free and we have the same calling as His followers.

At the end of Sound of Freedom, the movie carries a special message from Jim Caviezel. This is the actor who plays Jesus in The Passion of the Christ’ and who regards The Sound of Freedom as one of the most important films he has ever acted in. He shares that storytelling can be immensely powerful, observing that it was the book ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin‘ that was instrumental in ending the slave trade historically. His hope is that The Sound of Freedom becomes a rallying cry to end modern day human trafficking and sexual slavery.

God calls us to live a life of purpose. This may mean giving up a well-paying job like Tim Ballard did to serve God’s call. Others may see this as a waste or dull… but as long as you are pursuing your God-given goal you will receive the abundant life He promises. Hedonists look in every perverse way to find a high and yet the pursuit of pleasure is never satisfied. Satisfaction comes as a byproduct of working out God’s purpose for your life.

In Micah 6:8 we are encouraged to Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly. As Nicky Gumbel writes, “Justice is very high on God’s agenda. Injustice causes so much of the world’s suffering today. We must do more to see that the poor, the marginalised and the voiceless receive justice.”

It is sad that leading secular newspapers question the motivation behind The Sound of Freedom. It has been accused of being part of a conspiracy theory. However the reality is that according to the US Department of Defense 4.5 million people worldwide are victims of forced sexual exploitation, $99 billion is made per year from sex-trafficking. Clearly given these staggering figures there are evil forces at work in a highly organised way.

Something has to be done about these devastating statistics and it starts with each individual. If we could reduce the demand for pornography, if we could pray and intercede for child sex rings to be exposed and help to spread awareness by supporting films like The Sound of Freedom, how could God multiply our efforts to end human trafficking?

The Sound of Freedom is a must-watch film for everyone. I encourage you to watch it at the Cinema or via your streaming platform once it becomes available. Viewer comments include:

  • “This is an eye opening film and I encourage everyone to see it. The people who are fighting against this film ARE THE TRAFFICKERS.”
  • “As a human trafficking survivor, this is one of the most powerful movies I’ve ever seen. God bless you for releasing it.”
  • “Jim Caviezel is literally putting his life on the line with this movie. So much respect for the courage it took for him to do this film.”

Don’t be put off by negative reviews in leading newspapers. See the film for yourself and like tens of thousands of cinema goers have done, make up your own mind.

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