Sexuality – Does God care who I sleep with?

Though sexuality may be an unpopular topic in today’s society, even in the Church, there are some brave Christian speakers who are addressing such issues with sensitivity and understanding. One such speaker is Andrew Wilson of Think Theology whose clear teaching on sexuality is empowering people to embrace their God-given calling and live a life worthy of that calling.

In his series on TBN, entitled Think, Andrew wrestles with deep theological questions as well as the practicalities of Christian living in the world today. I was intrigued to hear his perspectives on sex before marriage in his programme entitled, ‘Why does God care who I sleep with?‘ This is a huge question for young people today and it demands a truthful answer.

I came across Andrew while doing research for a post on sex before marriage. I was looking for ways to explain God’s standards of sexuality to Millenials in a way they can understand. One thing Andrew said put everything into perspective. “If you’re Jewish you will be circumcised, if you’re vegan you don’t eat meat, and if you’re a Christian you don’t have sex before marriage.”

Follow this link to watch Andrew’s talk on TBN. “The question is not so much why does God care about sex?” he observes. “The question is more, why does God have a different view about sex than I do?… If there is a God and He has a timeless ethical standard that doesn’t change, wouldn’t you expect it to conflict with every civilisation about some things? Every single civilisation clashes with God’s timeless standards somewhere and this may be one of those issues where we clash with God!”

Watch the video and hear Andrew’s extraordinary wisdom and insight into human sexuality in relation to God’s timeless standards. Andrew is the teaching pastor at King’s Church London. He has degrees in history and theology from Cambridge University; the London School of Theology and King’s College. Andrew is also an award-winning columnist and has written 10 books. He is married to Rachel and they have three children. You can read his blog posts on the Think Theology website.

New found consecration in the Church and purity in society

For some time now I have been sensing a deepening need for the Body of Christ in the UK to speak up on such issues as sexuality, purity and holiness otherwise we run the risk of falling into compromise. This was clearly confirmed to me while watching the Day of Prayer for Great Britain and the Unite714 Global prayer event. Both focused on 2 Chronicles 7:14 and the need for humility, prayer and repentance.

We must humbly accept what God’s Word says about sexuality and honour marriage. God calls each of us into an intimate relationship with Him and He expects us to bring a new consecration into the Church. He wants us to help society establish a newfound purity in these tough times. For more on this please read my post: Sex before Marriage… Who cares in today’s Church?

Wordsmith, overcomer and exhorter. Al has a degree in Journalism and Media Studies and years of communications experience in Africa, the UK, Israel and USA. He left South Africa in 2001 and worked for GOD TV in England for 18 years. He now heads up Countdown Creative, a content creation business in Exeter. Al is the author of three biographies. Blogs he writes for include; International Christian and UK and US Christian.

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