Romantic Trilogy, Legacy of Love points readers to the greatest love of all

Legacy of Love by Lisa Labon, is set on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos. The first book In the Blink of an Eye introduces us to Danielle.  Believing her opportunity to find love has long gone, a chance meeting with Panos changes her life forever.  But is it a change for the good?

From the first page of In the Blink of an Eye, the first instalment in Lisa Labon’s Legacy of Love trilogy, the author captivates readers taking them from the giddy heights of a summer romance to family secrets and tragedy.

Lisa’s own personal experiences are the inspiration for her Legacy of Love trilogy, and she has created a gripping storyline with characters that we can all relate to in one way or another.

The second book in the Legacy of Love is titled Paving the Way and Lisa is currently working on the third, Freedom in Chains.

The Legacy of Love is already receiving five-star reviews in the romantic literary genre.

For all those that love a romantic read, In the Blink of an Eye and Paving the Way offer pure escapism and will have readers wanting more from this talented new author.

In the Blink of an Eye

Read Lisa’s first novel, and get whisked away on a journey of friendship, love, chance attempted murder and heartbreak.

The first of the Legacy of Love trilogy, based on a true story, In the Blink of an Eye is the beginning of an emotional rollercoaster ride that takes you not only through, but up, down, loop the loop, the life of a woman who had given up on love. Feeling helpless in a hopeless world, Danielle’s cynical outlook is soon put to the test when Panos comes into her life.

Friendship is the vehicle that brings Danielle to the beautiful island of Skiathos, and the power of love to keep her there. Panos cannot believe his eyes when she walks into his hotel and all his power to control his emotions evaporate when he finds himself lost in her beautiful emerald eyes.

Discover the true meaning of love as the story unfolds and be propelled into a place where only fate can lead you to, and ladies, you will be left wanting a Panos of your own!

But be warned this story is about more than just romance as Danielle and her friends are left facing charges that could put them in prison for a long time. And Panos’ father has a secret of his own as his past comes back to haunt him, which could have a devastating effect on all of the family, unravelling a story that is hard to put down.

Paving the Way

Written in two parts, the first instalment of Paving the Way finds Danielle travelling back to Skiathos, but this time she is accompanied only by Mick. Matt can’t bear the thought of Danielle being in Panos’ arms again so his way to escape this torment is to go up North to stay with his sister, unsure as to whether he will return. Mick’s marriage is definitely over so the trip back to the Island is the answer to his prayers. Still oblivious that his chronic drinking is the cause, he carries on drowning his sorrows regardless of the consequences. But he cannot hide from this problem for much longer as he finds himself being escorted to the doctor’s surgery by Danielle and Panos and having dreamt about being at his own funeral the night before, he finds himself at a very scary crossroad. But will he make the right decision?

Danielle is treated like a queen as she lives this wonderful dream, but she tries her hardest to keep her feet on the ground as she knows she will once again have to leave her dream man to go back to reality where her children are her number one priority.

Panos and his family are in for a shock as his father’s secret is revealed, cracking the very foundations this family is built on. Their whole world is turned upside down when a mystery guest enters the hotel.

This story is about love, friendship, family and betrayal and the consequences to the things that are just brushed under the carpet. 

The second part is about the aftermath of Danielle leaving Panos. She is tough and soon comes to terms that this is the way it has to be and finally puts Panos in a box in her mind and puts the lid on it forever.

But unbeknown to her an evil force is determined to disrupt her life by using a devastating event to bring her to her knees. It nearly wins as well but it has its work cut out for it as another force is trying to make itself known to her. Having been made homeless by thugs setting her house on fire, Danielle learns how to adjust to her new life. But it is not easy.

Her and Mick’s relationship becomes strained to near breaking point but that all changes when she goes to see him in hospital after he collapses, and the news is not good. He needs to knock the drinking on the head otherwise it will kill him. 

Relationships are tested, but will Danielle cope with all the turmoil that has taken over her life?

Legacy of Love Reviews

Receiving five-star reviews, Amazon readers of In the Blink of an Eye say:

  • “Wow what a read, loved every chapter, and I’d read in bed at night. I’d say I’ll read this chapter then go to sleep. 4 chapters later… I could never put it down. Very eager for the next book. Brilliant read.” – Sally.
  • “First time in my life I’ve read a book as quick. Absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait for the next one.”  – Joanne.
  • “This book was an absolute delight to read and before long I cared very deeply about the characters. In the end I was left ready for so much more, and desperate to know what happened next! It is a must-read for your collection! Loved it!” – Diane.
  • “I may be in lockdown, but this book took my imagination to Greece. I couldn’t put this book down;I was desperate to learn what was next for characters. I hope we will be back with Danielle soon.”– Emma.

Receiving five star reviews, facebook readers of Paving the way:

  • “Lisa kindly delivered the book to me the evening before I was due to go on holiday, for me this was perfect because it meant I was free to read it almost straight through. It was great to catch up on the lives of the characters from the first book and the storyline was brilliant. So many twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting. Only drawback is, because I read it so quickly, I’ve now got longer to wait for the third and final instalment of the trilogy. I can highly recommend Lisa’s books and hope she continues to write after she’s finished the third one. ” – Ann.
  • “I first read In the Blink of an eye a few months ago in a day. I am an avid reader of anything that grabs my attention within the first few pages of a book. Needless to say this was one of them. Pulled into a heartbreaking story turning to joy, being whisked away to a different place is the upmost enjoyable experience and I lost myself in the whole story and devastated when it ended as I feel when all fantastic reads come to an end. Then came Paving the Way. Oh my I thought In the Blink of an Eye was good, I was so not prepared for this. Again finished in a day and a half as soon as the first page was read, I was off to Skiathos and lost in the story of Danielle and Panos. I have loved every single page of both books that Lisa has wrote. If like me you love to get lost in a book then these are definitely the books you need to read. I am just waiting patiently for the next thrilling chapter. ” Deb.

Published by Open Scroll Publications, In the Blink of an Eye is available in paperback (£8.99) and Kindle from Amazon. Paving the Way is available in paperback (£9.99) from the author’s website. Or on Amazon.

About Lisa Labon:

Lisa Labon has always loved to write and feels that it is a great way to express herself given the many trials throughout her life, and loves to help people in any way she can. With two friends, she runs a charity called Children Are Our Heritage, which involves helping people in her community. She is the mother of three children, and has four grandchildren. Her youngest granddaughter is deaf with cochlear implants and lives with her. More about the author can be found at

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