Remembering Barry Smith, the Evangelist who intrigued millions

Barry Smith (1933 – 2002) captivated audiences worldwide with his messages based on news headlines and was the first to expose the New World Order. I was privileged to spend time with him in South Africa and a more down to earth, humble and authentic man you could not wish to meet.

We know that God uses simple things to confound the wise and that is literally what Barry did during his intriguing messages that brought hidden agendas to the light. That is not to call Barry Smith simple in any way. He was in education after all and devoted his life to study.  He just lived on the other side of the world and seemed to be an unlikely candidate to reach a global audience especially in the days before YouTube and social media!

Yet Barry had a brilliant mind and amazing ability to talk about today’s headlines in a way that captivated audiences in churches across the nations. This was coupled with a wonderful gift of sharing the Gospel in a way everyone could understand. He also had a terrific sense of humor that connected with people and provided a lighter side to the dark things he had to address.

Almost in a schoolmasterly tone he taught his audiences, the complexities of the New World order, making it simple by using a whiteboard or flip chart and asked them to repeat back key phrases, phrases that still stick in my head to this day! Not surprising I remember his messages from the 1990s like they were yesterday. Though he spoke on many controversial things Barry always brought his meetings to a close by sharing about the return of Jesus. He gave an altar call in each meeting and Amazing Grace was sung without fail as people gave their lives to the Lord.

Barry Smith – Intriguing Speaker, Brilliant Teacher

Though I attended many of his meetings and watched countless of his videos and read Barry’s books, I never really realised how humble and completely reliant on God he was until I met him in person. I remember how grateful he and his wife May were even for a cup of tea, which they prayed over and thanked God for. That was in the days before the Internet (seems hard to imagine life without it) and after our meeting Barry was keen to get to the newsagent to pick up a few papers.

The news was his ammunition and looking back I see how much he inspired me personally in my calling as a journalist and I know I am not the only one. I recently chatted to a fellow writer who made her first public profession of faith at a Barry Smith meeting in Ireland. She had been caught up in Scientology and Barry broke off the ungodly soul ties to the cult and to false doctrine. He greatly touched her life and set her on a path of truth. Read her post about micro chipping, something Barry Smith often used to warn about.

Barry wrote several books before he passed away in 2002. Titles include WarningSecond WarningFinal Warning and PS the titles almost a tongue in cheek notification borrowed from utility providers about to terminate a power supply! But there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to Bible Prophecy. Jesus said He would return for us and that is a serious promise we can hold on to.

Another book of Barry’s which immediately catches one’s interest is Better Than Nostradamus, which exposes the world’s obsession with the occult, fortune tellers etc in its desperate quest to know the future. This can only take one on a path of deception. The truth is found only in the Bible as we embrace Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the life.

Over the past two decades, Barry books may have lost their sense of immediacy but the central message that we are living in the Last Days remains as relevant as ever. We are now much closer to the return of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, the Messiah than ever before. The New World Order continues to unfold and we need to keep a watchful eye!

Barry Smith was a good and faithful servant who preached the Gospel for over 40 years and God used him powerfully to save the lives of many. He is not forgotten. He continues to inspire many today and perhaps he will inspire you as you read this and watch the video below. The world needs 100 more Barry Smiths to share the truth of the Gospel in this hour, in a contemporary way that links in with current events.

For more about the ongoing ministry outreach of Barry Smith Evangelism visit where you can obtain copies of Barry’s books and videos of his messages.

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