“When I was with Ravi, I wanted to know Jesus more,” – Leaders celebrate the life of Ravi Zacharias

A memorial service for the late Ravi Zacharias was held at Passion City Church, Atlanta, Georgia on 29 May 2020 celebrating the life of the great Christian apologist who was dearly loved across the globe.

The LIVE Facebook and YouTube streams began with tributes from some of the 100 speakers aligned with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RVIM) who will continue to impact the globe with the Gospel. These included leaders in England, France and Africa, showing the global influence of this man of God.

“When I was with Ravi, I wanted to know Jesus more,” one of the leaders says, laying the foundation for a service to celebrate a man whose ministry focused on one thing alone – to point people to Jesus, especially those who did not believe, the atheists and agnostics who came to faith as he shared his extraordinary intellect.

Mike Pence pays tribute to Ravi Zacharias

“We give thanks for the life and legacy of Ravi Zacharias,” US Vice President, Mike Pence says in the opening address. “On behalf of a grateful nation, we offer our deepest sympathies to the Zacharias family and to all who like us had the privilege to know and cherish this good man, this godly man, for all seasons.”

Quoting President Trump, he says that “By making the intellectual case for Christianity Ravi Zacharias was instrumental in helping millions of people around the world come to know the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.”

The service was led by Pastor Louie Giglio of Passion City Church, Atlanta, Georgia. While having to factor in social distancing in a time of pandemic, the service offered hope to the living.

“Of course his passing comes at a time when so many families around the world are grieving the loss of loved ones, who have succumbed to the coronavirus epidemic,” Vice President Pence continued. “As our nation begins the process of healing and recovery we will miss Ravi’s comforting voice and his insights as we pick up the pieces of our national life and move forward.”

The Vice President also prayed for all who are suffering from Covid-19, that they will have the assurance Ravi Zacharias had and that God will wipe away every tear and bring healing to the land.

” ‘A great voice has been lost but the message goes on’. This is what Ravi Zacharias said at Billy Graham’s funeral two years ago,” the VP told the gathering in Atlanta. “This is just as true today. In the late Billy Graham God gave us the greatest evangelist of the Century. In Ravi Zacharias He gave us the greatest Christian apologist of the Century,” Mike Pence concluded.

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