Out Of The Ashes releases catchy new song, ‘Pray That Prayer’

Out of the Ashes is a Christian group from Gloucestershire with Penny Lyon in lead vocals. It is known for a mixture of Jazz, R&B and blues, with Gospel roots. The group has just released a new song entitled ‘Pray That Prayer’ which is hugely encouraging especially at this challenging time. The message is clear – all we need to do is be in prayer and walk with God one step at a time.

You can watch the video of Pray That Prayer from Out Of The Ashes below. Filmed in an old theatre, it starts with the cameo appearance of the theatre’s caretaker who steps back into time to encounter the band jiving and jamming in the 1950s. The singers are clothed in dresses from this period and the jazz jive dancers, add to the feel-good atmosphere.

‘Pray That Prayer’ was filmed in the partly derelict New Olympus Theatre in Gloucestershire. It features Penny Lyon on lead vocals. The caretaker cameo role features a local Gloucestershire gentleman who is the driving force behind getting the theatre renovated.

The message behind the song is that we should embrace who God has called us to be. In the face of towering spiritual giants like Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, Nick Vujicic and Heidi Baker, we may feel inadequate. This means we may feel tempted to give up and leave the Great Commission to somebody else to fulfil.

However, God doesn’t compare us to others. He has a unique plan for everyone. His plan is never quite the same for any two of us, but will nonetheless be challenging, exciting, fulfilling and perfectly tailor-made for who we are. He, therefore, asks nothing more of us than to pray that prayer and take those steps, something this song is all about.

Out Of The Ashes

Out of the Ashes is the creation of husband and wife team, Penny Lyon and Kevin Washburn. The couple and band aim to share hope, joy and encouragement through ministry and music. In addition, to the Pray That Prayer video, Out Of The Ashes have also released Get Out The Boat which features the hit song Just Breathe. For more about the group visit the Out of the Ashes Music website

Visit the Out of the Ashes shop.

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