Make God the CEO of your business

British business strategist, Peter Lawry challenges Christian entrepreneurs everywhere to make God the CEO of your business. Peter, who lives in New Zealand is the author of ‘When Jesus Calls‘ which focusses on transforming businesses into expressions of God Kingdom.

How to make Jesus the CEO of your business is a key theme of his book which he says he received by divine inspiration. Peter has also delivered a powerful prophetic word for Christian business people in the UK – “God has a unique role for you to reach out in a way the Church cannot.”

Find out more about this amazing challenge to make Jesus the CEO of your business in Peter’s blog post below.

Fire your current CEO

God woke me at 03:00 one morning, and there, already in my mind, were the titles for every chapter I was to write in a book…

Have you seen books or seminars advertised with marketing slogans such as: “This book will double your profits in a year”; or “Habit changes to propel your company to success in just three months”, or “21 strategies to double your business turnover in just 21 days”?

What hogwash! No one can know how you or I will respond therefore, by definition, they can’t make such promises. It’s nothing more than ‘marketing speak’. And frankly, that kind of marketing doesn’t honour the Lord who is willing to work alongside us, in our businesses.

I refuse to re-present things that have already been written by others, claiming them to be ‘unique’. Instead, I had a deep wish to pass on to you the revelation God has given me through Scripture and my relationship with Jesus, explaining how He uses business – including yours if you’ll let Him – to fulfil His plans.

I’m living it, and God keeps proving His faithfulness. So have the many other Christian business women and men I interviewed, and whose stories are included in the book. They were willing, along with me, to share how their businesses are undergoing awe-inspiring transformations too, as God takes over the helm.

For the whole time I worked in a national organisation, The Consulting Group, I was recognised by my peers as one of the top SME Business Strategists in New Zealand. I could have stayed with them and continued to make a career that put me first; but God called me into a mission to help Christian business owners.

He wants us to ‘do business His way’ – to build businesses that allow Him to express His character, abundance and provision into the world.

Make God the CEO of your business

When I was woken at 03:00 one morning, there, already in my mind, were the titles for each chapter I was to write in a book, complete with the key messages and Scripture verses for each.  I scribbled furiously, to capture them on paper.

When I put my pen down and looked at what I’d written, it was clear that every chapter was to reveal how the Kingdom of God impacts business. Everything He’s taught me over my years as a business improvement specialist came into sharp focus: He doesn’t need Christians to run ‘commercial look-alike businesses skinned with Christian ethics or morals’; He’s offering a radically different approach, which starts with Jesus Himself, as our CEO and our foundation. 

When our thinking changes; when we build businesses on clear Biblical truths that apply to “life in the Spirit for business” – in short, when we make Him our CEO – our businesses change beyond all recognition. Not because I promise it, but because God shows us how . . . His Name is at stake!

It’s up to you now. Would you like to read something that one of my readers called a ‘world best-seller’? (I’m not telling you that because I have any pride or ego about it – I don’t. As I said above, it all came from powerful interactions with God, and as far as I’m concerned it’s His book – offered to you with gratitude and love.) 

Is it worth investing in a few pages that could turn your business from bad to good, or from good to great?  If so, read the FREE sample chapters here and make God the CEO of your business.

A multi-millionaire reader wrote to me: “‘”This is a must-read book. You’ve captured the heart of God for those in business… it’s inspiring, impacting, challenging. I particularly love its fresh approach and short, easy-to-read chapters.”

 My prayer is that this book will transform your life and business – and also those of your friends and business contacts as you pass it on.

God bless you and your business.

Watch Peter’s presentation below on building a business that is based on the Kingdom of God. He was speaking via Zoom to a Crosslink Transformation Network meeting in Exeter.

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