Looking ahead to a new era for Great Britain, post Brexit

Some economists have warned of a bleak future for the UK post Brexit. However 2021 marks a new era for the UK, where we can stand once again as a sovereign nation and able to make our own decisions – a return to Great Britain in every way!

The UK and Europe were in intense negotiations to secure a Brexit deal before the 31 December deadline. Thankfully Prime Minister Boris Johnson comes to a last minute arrangement with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen avoiding the threat of economic disruption.

The UK is now able to conclude its own trade deals. Many have already been negotiated and these can now go ahead.

As the editor of the The Telegraph, Chris Evans says: “Today marks the last day of the Brexit transition period, with a trade deal agreed just in time, a feat many said was impossible. This evening at 11pm will mark the end of a four-year saga and, according to Liam Halligan, the beginning of Britain becoming Europe’s biggest economy.”

As Christians we continue to pray for the UK that God’s will be done. We also intercede for God’s healing of this nation as we humble ourselves before Him, repent of our sin and turn from all wickedness.

Sheep and Goat nations

At the core of the Brexit issue was a return to sovereignity. Now that the UK has left Europe it will continue to be a world player like it always has been. This is at odds with the globalist agenda. No wonder the road to a post Brexit Britain was fraught with so many battles.

Bible prophecy enthusiasts believe Europe is a rebirth of the ancient Roman empire as predicted in Scripture and will become the super power that ushers in a global government. They talk about ‘sheep and goat’ nations and insist the UK will be a sheep nation that will support Israel while the EU will turn against Israel.

It has been taught that when God judges the nations it will be based on the way they have treated ‘His People’ – firstly Israel and secondly the Body of Christ. The sheep nations will be those who have supported Israel and the goat nations will those who have stood against her.

Through Bible Prophecy we see that Europe will ultimately turn against Israel whereas Britain will not. Hopefully that will be the case because we know that those who bless Israel shall be blessed while those who do not are cursed.

It’s time for Britain to act on its own on the world stage, no longer bullied by Brussels and able to stand with Israel when the time comes.

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