Let’s put an end to the Loneliness epidemic in the UK

We’re moving on from the worst pandemic in living memory, yet our nation now has another major challenge – a loneliness epidemic. Covid-19 kept us apart from our friends and loved ones but now it’s time to reconnect with others, especially those in our community who are lonely or isolated.

According to the Office of National Statistics close on four million over-16s in Britain “often or always feel lonely.” These figures relate especially to young people and single people. It’s not surprising then, that the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (9th-15th May 2022) is loneliness.

Are loneliness and being alone the same thing? What does loneliness do to the human body? Will it cause depression? These are just some of the questions people are asking today in the context of a loneliness epidemic in the UK. Many are losing hope, with some even asking, Could loneliness kill me? Will it every go away?

The Government, National Health Service and mental health organisations all realise the major concerns this loneliness epidemic raises. The Church can also make a huge difference because it is so focused on community building. In fact the Church has a vital role in battling loneliness.

CV Global is a British charity that works worldwide providing churches with useful media resources. They have put together a helpful collection of videos to help believers broach the topic of loneliness and mental health from a Christian perspective.

Video resources that address the loneliness epidemic

“Long-term loneliness can seriously impact our mental health. But while millions of us experience loneliness, it can still be difficult to talk about. These videos help broach the topic,” says CV Resources.

A good example of the videos available is When You’re Feeling Isolated…

When we’re lonely, there are so many reasons why we wouldn’t reach out to others. Voices of doubt, the thought burdening somebody else, or the lies that make us think “No will care” are powerful motivators in the mind. And you might believe them.

Shame, it seems, is a powerful motivator. But there is hope for you! The same God who created you, loves you! And today, you can engage in a relationship with him and be set free from the bondage of isolation that you’re up against.

The Church of England offers these five top tips to dealing with loneliness and isolation.

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