I Will Bless the Lord

Your soul is like a gearbox between the engine of your spirit and the wheels of your flesh. If your soul is grinding, the wheels won’t turn.

Your soul is your middleman. Your inner man is your spirit which is renewed by the Holy Spirit when you are born again. Your outer man is your body. Your body houses your soul and your spirit and, when you are born again, it becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit. Your soul contains your mind, that is, your intellect your creativity, your will and your emotions.

I was standing in the pre-service prayer meeting at church one Sunday morning. I had woken up in a miserable mood. I’d been slogging away at a repetitive daily routine the whole week and was feeling rundown and runout. All I wanted to do was run off to a beach somewhere peaceful with no responsibilities or schedules. Ever felt that way? In my soul, my emotions were in turmoil and my mood was low. I knew God loved me and knew that I was still in a good spiritual space, and my body felt good and healthy, but it was my soul – my middleman – that was gloomy. It was then that someone read Psalm 103… “Bless the Lord, O my soul.”

Bless the Lord, O my soul;
And all that is within me, bless His holy name!

Psalm 103:1

The opening lines of Psalm 103 are not a suggestion or simply a good idea. No matter what mood you’re in, these words are an instruction from the word of God to praise God with your middleman. Your soul is like a gearbox between the engine of your spirit and the wheels of your flesh. If your soul is grinding, the wheels won’t turn. Therefore, the instruction is to praise God in your soul, the seat of your will and your emotions. It takes a conscious effort to do this but when you clothe yourself with a garment of praise the gearbox of your middleman will be lubricated with the oil of joy.

As the word of God fell on my ears that Sunday morning, I made a deliberate effort to speak out praise and blessing to the One who holds my life together: “You will bless the Lord O my soul. All that is within me will bless his holy name.” The clouds lifted and the Lord revived my soul. He satisfied my mouth with good things so that my youth was renewed like the eagle’s.

God-tracking is wilfully blessing God on a bad day.

Get into the word of God and get the word of God into you!
John 3:3-8
1 Corinthians 3:16
Isaiah 61:3

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