Good News!

This might be 2000 years old, but as Jesus said, ‘The time has come, the Kingdom of heaven has drawn near, repent and believe the good news!’

To ‘repent’ is the Greek word ‘metanoia’, which literally means to change our minds.

Most people in Jesus’s day assumed the Kingdom of heaven would be a political entity. Many still do today, known as ‘Christian nationalists’ over the pond. Even here in the UK, the division between ‘church and state’ is muddied.

Far from kicking out the Roman occupiers of Israel, Jesus was crucified by them. As He said to the Roman governor Pilate who condemned Him to crucifixion, ‘My Kingdom is not of this world’.

People sometimes call God’s Kingdom a ‘topsy-turvy’ one because it’s so different to the world. I prefer to see it that this world is topsy-turvy, but Jesus’s Kingdom is ‘right-side up’.

Instead of blessing the ‘healthy, wealthy and happy’, Jesus pronounced woe on those kinds of people and instead blessed the poor, meek and mournful for example.

The Kingdom of God is near. Will you repent and believe the good news of salvation in Christ from all our wrong thinking, saying and doing?

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