Global Outreach Day, GO 2020 to go Ahead Despite Coronavirus Lockdown

May is set to be a month of prayer with several major prayer initiatives taking place including GO 2020, this year’s celebration of the Global Outreach Day.

Global Outreach Day invites you to join thousands of churches and ministries worldwide and to dedicate the entire month of May 2020 to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Imagine how this will impact your community, city, country and the world.

The coronavirus pandemic has infected over 2.5 million people and killed over 175,000 people. However it hasn’t shut down the proclamation of the Gospel. Although social distancing guidelines have been set in place by governments to stop outbreaks, millions of Christians are still being mobilised to reach one billion people for Christ through GO 2020.

GO 2020 is a special edition of Global Outreach Day. Despite the massive restrictions on public gatherings, the outreach has pivoted to online campaigns combined with offline caring outreaches.

“People are dying, and many people are afraid because of the coronavirus,” said Werner Nachtigal, founder of Global Outreach Day. “This crisis could turn into the greatest hour for the Church. In this time, as believers, we pray for the world. We care for the people. And we share Christ in the midst of the crisis.”

In South Africa, Rev Lulu Nakana is spearheading an effort to get 15 million digital conversations about the Gospel during the month of May. Dominican Republic police have asked for assistance from Global Outreach Day coordinator Joel Jiménez to distribute food to needy residents in a village of 5,000 people. Rev Jiménez has distributed Gospel tracts with groceries to individuals with a message to stay home and read the Gospel.

Training sessions to equip Christians to share their faith are taking place online. Worldwide prayer meetings and a series of healing explosion webinars to train Christians in the ministry of healing to prepare for the Month of Miracles in May are also taking place. Healing evangelist Randy Clark is hosting a “Healing Explosion” webinar on April 28th – April 30th at Rev Clark is hosting the webinar with Pastor Jeff Yuen of Soakability Church and Chuck Parry, director of the Bethel Healing Rooms.

A Worldwide Prayer Meeting led by John Robb, chair of the Global Outreach Day Prayer Taskforce and Chairman for the International Prayer Council, will also take place on May 1st online with other prayer movement leaders. The worldwide prayer meeting is part of prayer movement taking place, such as Lou Engle’s, the Jesus Fast, which has mobilized millions of Christians worldwide to pray.

GO 2020 partners include YWAM, CRU, Nick Hall of the Pulse, One Hope Africa, and many other denominations, organisations, and churches. For more information visit

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