Day of Prayer For Britain Proclaims Jesus Over UK And An End To Coronavirus

Watch the Day of Prayer For Britain as streamed online on 2 May 2020. Hosted by David Hathaway of Eurovision Mission it is an encouragement to “pray without ceasing until God brings us through the crisis and into ultimate victory.”

David Hathaway of Eurovision Mission for Europe has hosted several Days of Prayer for Britain during times of crisis. A year ago the focus of the Day of Prayer for Britain was on the Brexit impasse and God brought us through that. Now it is on the coronavirus pandemic, that God would deliver us.

Join David and many others in the video below as he prays against the virus which he says is demonic and asks for God’s protection over every home. He petitions Heaven asking that the numbers of people dying would fall and that God would bring the UK out of this crisis. That God would deliver us, no matter how we have been affected, whether by the death of a loved one or the collapse of a business or loss of a job.

“I learned to pray in adversity which has stood me in good stead all my life, whether in a communist prison or due to cancer,” says David who is celebrating his 88th birthday. “Let us be encouraged to ‘pray without ceasing’, until God brings us through the crisis and into ultimate victory.”

Speaking about the Day of Prayer For Britain he asks believers to share a link to the video with other Christians. “I think everyone in Britain needs to watch, I ask you to forward it to a minimum of three people, until it is seen across the nation. From the opening, we’re ‘Proclaiming Jesus right across this land’, to the final call to repentance and the ending time of reflection over the Cross, it is very moving.”

The Day of Prayer For Britain features specially recorded prayers from Dennis Greenridge of Worldwide Mission Fellowship, London as well as from Ukraine bishop, Mykhailo Panochko and Valery Antoniuk of the Baptist Union of Ukraine praying for the UK. Messianic Rabbi Borys Grycenko is also featured. The beautiful worship is led by Vinesong.

You can also hear prayers led by many prominent UK leaders as recorded at previous Days of Prayer but are still as valid today as when they were first said. These include prayers from Ian Cole of World Prayer Centre, Birmingham; Colin Urquhart of Kingdom Faith Church; John Glass of Elim; Ken Gott of the House of Prayer for Europe; Preethy Kurian of Capstone Church, London; Steve Clifford, formerly of the Evangelical Alliance; and Nims Obunge of Freedom Ark Church.

Gatherings like the Day of Prayer For Britain, whether online or in person show that God is alive and in control and the Church as the Body of Christ is very much alive and active. For more information about the Day of Prayer for Britain visit Eurovision Mission to Europe.

David Hathaway, of Eurovision Mission to Europe and host of the Day of Prayer for Britain.

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