Could COVID-19 be Satan raging against the nations?

Leading British prophetic voice, Wendy Alec recently shared her insights into the COVID-19 outbreak issuing a bold warning to Christians concerning the pandemic. This is the prophecy she posted on her Wendy Alec Facebook page:

“This is the most serious attempt by the kingdom of darkness in the past 2000 years of warfare to usher in the End-Time kingdom of the antichrist. The COVID-19 virus itself is not the endgame. Satan tried with the rise of Hitler and failed. He is raging against the nations.

 “A prophet is supposed to be the intelligence sector of the Lord’s Army. My spirit has been greatly disturbed these past few days. We are in a war. The coronavirus (COVID-19) is the symptom, it is purely the mechanism that satan is using to attempt to usher in his pre-emptive plan. The virus itself is not the endgame.

COVID-19 is not the endgame

“We face a spiritual war that has the most serious of natural consequences. The kingdom of darkness has launched an all-out, no holds barred war for the souls of men. Satan’s strategy is to usher in the complete breakdown of our civil liberties, introduce biometric IDs; track hundreds of millions of people via their phones; places of shelter turning into places of virtual house arrest, ensuring no one can demonstrate or protest; ushering in a mandatory vaccination, without which one will be refused to fly or leave the country and will eventually lose the right to normal civilian privileges. That’s just the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

A wake up call

“As I was writing this my entire page started to act as though someone was interfering with it supernaturally. This has never happened before. The enemy does not want to be exposed. Those who know me understand that my passion and mandate to write Chronicles has been to use supernatural fantasy to write a wake-up call for so many who are not educated as to the strategy of the kingdom of darkness. I will continue to add far more detail to this in the days ahead.

“Please understand that what I am sharing is not to do with President Trump or Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Unfortunately, however much our leaders believe they are in control there is no doubt that there is a covert elite cabal who are orchestrating many of our world events with the intent of ushering in their one world government, a new world order cryptocurrency; control of every civil liberty that the Lord gave us.

“That is why we have to win this war and see the pandemic rolled back, dealt a body blow in the Spirit realm, not only to save thousands upon thousands of the most precious of lives but to unentangle all of us from the clutches of the hidden orchestrators of globalist control.

“I am sorry to write this on Easter but I hope you know me well enough to know that I will not pander to what pleases man. I promised the Father that I would scribe His wake up call many years ago.

“This is not a conspiracy theory, beloved. I have spent literally thousands and thousands of hours of Biblical and natural research into these matters. Let us be circumspect. Let us walk in utmost discernment and wisdom in these coming days. It is time to war in the Spirit.

If the Church had risen like this back in 1939 we would have circumvented the 2nd World War. We can prevent this. Let us rise. Please share this if you are led I know it’s not my norm, but we are not living in normal days.”

In addition to being a leading prophetic voice, Wendy Alec is also a creative evangelist using media to reach the unchurched through her best-selling Chronicles of Brothers series. The apocalyptic series begins in the eternal past with the Fall of Lucifer and continues with The First Judgement, Son of Perdition, A Pale Horse and End of Days. This fascinating series of epic fantasy novels dramatises the age-old fight for “the souls of men” interwoven into the story of three heavenly brothers (Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer) mirrored on earth by three earthly brothers, Adrian, Jason, and Nick De Vere.

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