Coronation Prophecy – A Coronation of Deception?

Emma Stark of the Global Prophetic Alliance has delivered a thought-provoking coronation prophecy warning Christians to pray for the reign of the new King. She is concerned that there are spiritual forces at work to deceive God’s people into a semblance of godliness that denies the true power of the Gospel.

You can watch the video below, entitled ‘Urgent Coronation Prophecy Decrees’, which features Emma Stark along with Ruth Weller. The video seeks to bring a timely prophetic warning about a demonic strategy affecting State, Government and Church, with intercessory decrees to supercede this.

Coronation Prophecy

“We have been praying about this moment in history for many years,” says Emma, “Long before the Queen passed and we sense warfare in the spirit realm, that there is a momentum of witchcraft to harness this day to build the Kingdom of darkness. We believe the enemy wants to achieve ‘a coronation of deception’ enthroned over the British Isles and the Commonwealth and then touching all the nations around the world to pave a pathway for antichrist spirits to rule and reign.”

Emma stressed the importance of the Body of Christ, the ecclesia standing together in prayer and intercession against all forms of witchcraft, spiritual wickedness, a spirit of Jezebel etc that will attempt to hold back God’s purposes and plans for this nation, including revival. She explained that the UK is in danger of a having a State religion that doesn’t align with Biblical truth especially when the nation’s leaders including King Charles seem to be following their own path.

“It is vitally important that we come against this, knowing that the enemy’s kingdom is limited but the power of the blood of Jesus is unlimited. We decree a John 16 release of the Spirit of Truth that will be a weightier decree than the covens in the witchcraft community around the world that are seeking a coronation of deception.”

Emma encouraged believers to pray for King Charles and his salvation and use the Coronation as an opportunity to talk with non Christian friends about the concept of kingship and what we should expect from a true king.

See the Coronation prophecy below from Emma Stark and Ruth Weller and be alert concerning a demonic strategy affecting Royalty, Government and Church.

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