Christ for all Nations registers 53,153 salvations in West Africa despite pandemic

For close on 50 years, Christ for all Nations has brought a clear Gospel presentation and an urgent call to salvation to millions. In fact, since 1987, they have documented over 80-million decisions for Christ.

Sadly, Christ for all Nation’s founder Reinhard Bonnke died a year ago but his legacy lives on through the ministry which has been led by Daniel Kolenda for several years.

Most recently, more than 350,000 people attended a multi-city event in Tanzania, West Africa despite the Covid-19 pandemic and. 53,153 indicated a first-time salvation experience. They also provided their contact information so a local congregation can follow up and help them begin a meaningful, life-long walk with God.

This was in response to a new pilot project initiated by Daniel Kolena, entitled ‘Operation Decapolis’. Decapolis is a Greek word meaning “10-cities.” As the title suggests, the idea was to run 10 simultaneous, large-scale campaigns – each in a different major city across a single country.

Initially, the organizers were prepared to execute this initiative in Kenya. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a temporary pause was placed on all large gatherings by the Kenyan Government. Rather than give up, the Christ for all Nations team turned its attention to Tanzania, where the door was wide open.

However, the last-minute transition dramatically shortened the available planning time. As a result, Christ for all Nations decided to conduct five campaigns, rather than 10, in the Tanzanian cities of Arusha, Kahama, Singida, Shinyanga, and Tabora. The subsequent 53,153 salvations was an outstanding result despite all the limitations 2000 has brought.

Operation Decapolis aims see as many people won to Jesus through Christ for all Nations in the next 10 years as the ministry saw in the previous 40. This can only be accomplished through an expanded team of evangelists, which Christ for all Nations is training.

The first step in the process was to send highly trained “Evangelism Bootcamp” graduates and interns to Tanzania to work with local churches, uniting their vision for expanding the Kingdom of God in their region. The team was astounded at the West African churches’ willingness to ignore denominational differences and adopt a “whatever it takes” attitude toward winning souls in their communities.

“Our goal for each city is to train 1,000 local evangelists, to be able to preach in the streets and markets and to encourage and prepare 10,000 believers to pray for their loved ones and to testify,” said Bret Sipek, Chris for all Nations lead-coordinator for the Decapolis pilot-program. “Not everyone is an evangelist, but every born-again believer has a unique story – his own testimony – and he or she can share it with unsaved friends.”

This grass-roots approach worked well in Tanzania. According to Christ for All Nations, many people also reported experiencing miracles, including physical healings, spiritual deliverance, restored relationships, and freedom from sin and addiction. As Christ for all Nations further-implements this strategy for exponential growth, the anticipation for a Decade of Double Harvest grows stronger.

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